Preventive Care For Women

For women, there are a number of recommended screenings that should be completed either routinely or only once. Unfortunately, women need to undergo more screenings than men for most of their lives.

Discussed below are the recommended screenings for women throughout the lifespan, from ages 18 and up.

Colon Cancer Screening: Colonoscopy or or other stool-based testing is recommended for all women aged 45-75. If results are normal, colonoscopy is recommended to be repeated every 10 years.

Breast Cancer Screening: Breast Exams are recommended yearly, and mammograms are recommended every 1-2 years for all women over 40. Mammograms typically continue until about age 75.

Cervical Cancer Screening: PAP smears are recommended every 3 years for women aged 21-65.

Osteoporosis Screening: Bone density tests are recommended for all women over age 65 and some select women under age 65.

Hypertension Screening: Blood pressure checks are recommended at least yearly for all women aged 18 and older.

Depression/Anxiety Screening: Questionnaires to screen for depression and anxiety are recommended for all adults 18 and older, typically done at least yearly.

Hepatitis C Screening: Blood testing for Hepatitis C is recommended for all adults aged 18-79 at least once.

Lung Cancer Screening: Chest imaging is recommended for certain adults aged 50-80 who currently smoke or have a history of smoking cigarettes.

Prediabetes and Diabetes Screening: A blood test for diabetes/prediabetes is recommended for all overweight or obese adults aged 35-70 at least yearly.

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