Urgent and Walk-In Appointments

Did you know that Natesan Medical Group offers urgent and walk-in appointments? Our team of providers and staff is typically able to accommodate visits on short notice Monday through Friday. Your primary care provider’s office doesn’t just manage your chronic conditions, we can also see you for acute illnesses! Whether you have a urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, rash, or something else, we can usually see you the same or next day. While urgent cares can seem convenient, it is almost always better to see your primary care doctor for any urgent concerns or acute, non-life-threatening illnesses. Your primary care doctor knows much more about your health history and chronic conditions, and can therefore provide you with better medical care. We also have access to all of your past medical records and can take all of that into account when seeing you in the office. As an added bonus, urgent visits to your primary care office are typically offered by your insurance at a lower cost than urgent care. Some insurances even offer these visits at no charge to you. If you have any questions about our urgent or walk-in services, give us a call! We also love to hear feedback on any of the services that we offer, so that we can work to improve in needed areas, or congratulate any exceptional staff members!